The Event Series is an art project that in gentrified and commercialized urban space explores how it is possible to create and propose performative art and artistic practice.

I explore the relation between people and places, with a current focus on urban city centres, raising issues on access, empathy and the politics of attentiveness. The project started in 2014 and departs from a number of questions that intrigues me:

How to create performative art in public space that:

- through the body talks about/to our society; reflects these urban environments in their complexity; invites people to critical reflexion, artistic experience and exchange of ideas; creates both deconstruction and production on location; and moves in a landscape in between criticality and poetry.

- goes beyond the performing body and beyond a "feel-good" community work.

With these questions as an overarching theme I create a series of site specific works for public locations since 2014. My ambition is to create an inroad to empathy, agency and reflection, and to open up for renewed perspectives on the relation between our individual body and the body of society.

The first site of exploration is Gothenburg Event District - "Evenemangstråket". It is a special area, right in the middle of the city centre, both commercial and institutional and with large monolithic buildings and arenas. Gothenburg’s development is similar to that of many mid-sized cities in Northern Europe, in its quest to transform itself from an industrial city to an information-, university- and event city.  The process is complex and has evident winners and losers from an economical and sociocultural point of view, with an increasing spatial and socio-economic segregation. This situation, a dissonant one, is at heart of the artistic exploration I carry out at Evenemangstråket. 

For 2015 I have been awarded a one-year working grant from the Swedish Arts Grants Committee and production support from Gothenburg City Arts Council.

Works created in The Event Series

The Gothenburg Magic and the Cannibal (2016) Lecture performance. Presented at Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting, San Francisco, USA.

Next to You, at Korsvägen (work in progress 2016) In January 2016 a first pilot version of a new public artwork at Korsvägen was presented − an app for smartphones − that with sound, stories, films and animations take you through the crossroad in a different way. A collaboration with interaction designer and developer Jacob Michelsen. Co-produced by Gothenburg Dance and Theatre Festival and Interactive Institute Swedish ICT.

Performative Art in Urban City Centres: Navigating the terrain of art making and value systems in public space (2015) Paper/article presented at the symposium Transvaluation - Making the World Matter, 21-22 May 2015, Department of Architecture, Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden.

The Event Films - research and development (2015).
A collaboration with film maker Maja Kekonius. During 2015 we develop pilots for a hybrid art-walk in public space merging moving images, interactivity and performativity. We explore augmented reality-technology as an app for smartphones, and explore issues of access, empathy and power dynamics in the urban public space. Funding by Kulturbryggan.

Guide by Numbers (2014) site specific guided tour, at the park outside the main police building in Gothenburg, 45min.

Let’s meet in Göteborg (2014) Audio walk at Korsvägen, 45 min. Commissioned and Co-produced by ICIA – Institute of Contemporary Ideas and Art, Curated by Anna van der Vliet.

How to Eat a Cannibal (2014) performance in Pecha Kucha format, 6 min, presented at ELIA biennial conference LOCATION/AESTHETICS, Glasgow, Scotland.

Mayonnaise on the Costume (2014) Essay about the clash between the release of Gothenburg as Event City and the Gothenburg Carnival in 1994, from the perspective of a performer on the street. Commissioned by Writing Movement Kedja Project. Published in Wader (, Estonia.