The Swedish Theatre Critics Award 2013 − Alexander och Påfågeln

The Children and Youth Theatre Award 2013 goes to Alexander and Påfågeln (Alexander and the Peacock), in which Marika Hedemyr is choreographer.

Masthuggsteatern has been awarded the Swedish Theatre Critics Association's Children's and youth theater price in 2013! 

Marika Hedemyr is choreographer in the production.

The jury said:

The award goes to MASTHUGGSTEATERN in Gothenburg, for the staging of Alexander and Peacock, a novel by Lygia Bojunga. With unshakable faith in theater's storytelling ability and rich, collective imagination in the form, they intertwine the adventure of life's different conditions together. The ensemble exposes cleverly the play's theme of oppression of body and mind and challenges the fear that young audiences would have limited ability to receive a full size performance rich in perspectives.

− Svenska Teaterkritikers Förening, 2014-01-22

Man av Glas − Premiere Feb 28 2013 at Teater Trixter

Performs until March 24, 2013

Man av glas (Man of Glass) at Teater Trixter is a cross-over performance where music and text are equal voices. Based on Paul Auster's novel City of Glass.

Marika Hedemyr has worked as choreographer for the performance. Together with the actor and musician she has carved out the characters' unique body language and the performance’s non-verbal narrative of place and identity. 


There is a raging beautiful set, from Ger Olde Monnikhofs angled stage design with large transparent wall on one side to Mike Lloyd Music, performed by himself on trumpet and with live electronics. 
I do not know how Örner has proceeded to find that language in his voice and his body but it is masterfully done: humorous, without a shred of parody or blemish comedy.

− Kristjan Saag GT / Expressen

The moment Ingvar Örner looking up, he has our attention, and he keeps it caught thanks to a matter of interpretation with admirable tonal accuracy. Peter Stillman has a huge dark intensity but also lust for life, curiosity, despair and a self-irony that it almost makes physically painful to witness. This complex personality is portrayed by Ingvar Örner with an almost musical flair and with a frightening delicate accuracy. Moreover, he allows himself to sometimes rest in the moment, there is nothing rushed, no compulsion somewhere

− Helena Krantz Göteborgs Fria


Charlotta Lundgren, director
Ingvar Örner, actor
Mike Lloyd, music
Marika Hedemyr, choreographer
Håkan Blomdahl & Frida Franks, film

About the performance

Peter Stillman has been kept isolated from his father throughout his childhood from other people. Peter's dad want to investigate if the child can still develop their own language without outside influence, the language of God.

Now he struggles to conquer his identity, becoming a man. We meet him as he does his best to join together a coherent and meaningful story about his life. The performane asks questions about identity, authenticity and the American dream.

The music of Mike Lloyd is performed live on stage. Trumpet & electronics has a life of its own in the performance and unfolds the story together with the actor.

Performances: 1, 3, 6, 7, 8, 10, 13, 16 (kl 15:00), 16, 17, 20, 21, 22 och 24 mars. At 19.00 all days, except Sundays at 17.00.

Minutes 2.0 − At Riksteatern's Showcase for the 2013/14 season

Crowd Company’s pop-up piece Minutes 2.0 has played over 100 times in the last few years, and now it's time again!

On Saturday, March 9 2013 it is part of the program at Riksteatern’s showcase "Teaterdagarna" at Brewhouse in Gothenburg, for the season 2013/2014.

Dance theater for public spaces, choreographed by Marika Hedemyr. This time Minutes 2.0 is perfomed by the dancers Torun Odlöw and Oskar Sternulf, two of Sweden's strongest stage personalities.

For info and booking, please contact Marika Hedemyr on or +46-733-123 551.

Photographer: Anna von Brömssen

Photographer: Anna von Brömssen

The Bushwick Book Club Concept − With new solo by and with Hedemyr, 12 Oct

12 October 2012, at 79 pm, Författarcentrum Väst, Gothenburg

The Bushwick Book Club in Brooklyn, New York, is a cultural show and venue based on the literature. Here you meet musicians and artists who interpret various authors books in an exciting mix of colors, tones and thoughts. Meetings between different artistic expressions opens new inputs and unpretentious conversation about the works. The concept of The Bushwick Book Club has now come to Gothenburg. Marie Hermanson reads from "Heaven Hill", Karin Brygger from her upcoming novel "Something big would be ahead of us." Choreographer Marika Hedemyr performs of a new solo inspired by Karin Bryggers text. There will also be art by Lena Selander and music by Michael Bornström.

Free admission.
Beverages and light snacks will be served!

Address: Författarcentrum Väst, Prinsgatan 12, 6th floor, Gothenburg.

Part of Gothenburg Culture Night 2012

Choreographic Practice with Marika Hedemyr, Göteborg 4 October 2012

Thursday, October 4 at 6.308 pmÄrlegården/Danscentrum Väst, Gothenburg

Welcome to a duel and dialogue on the concept of artistic practice. In focus is Marika Hedemyr, choreographer in dance theater.

Marika Hedemyr’s artistry holds more than 20 works for stage and public spaces, publications, collaborations across art borders and hosting of several international laboratory for artistic practice. She is also artistic director of Crowd Company and founder of Dansbyrån - a platform for choreographic development.

How do you describe the artistic practice that embraces the whole  of Hedemyrs activities? In order to challenge the concepts - and herself – Hedemyr has invited Kent Sjöstrom, researchers and teacher at Malmö Theatre Academy. Sjöstrom has in recent years devoted himself to research in the implicit ideologies in acting and representation, and the new education The Theatre’s Theory and Practice in Malmö.

Drinks and snacks are offered!

Free admission, but sign up by email to Katarina Karlsson; katarina.karlsson @

Address: Danscentrum Väst, Ärlegården, Ärlegatan 3, Gothenburg. Nearest tram stop: Mariaplan, Majorna.

Marika Hedemyr Summer Newsletter, June 2012

Dear colleagues and friends,
Summer approaches and here comes some news on what is going on:

Condition Confined - Post Production

Marika is currently working on the post production of Condition Confined, a short film about a pregnant woman exploring the limits of her physical and normative state. Planned release in September 2012.

For the film, Marika is working with a team of film makers: Richard Bunke, Dorna Aslanzadeh, Andreas Wessberg, Anna Giertz, CloudBerry Sounds, Petra Valén, Malin Svensson and Hannah Christensson.  The film is a co-production by Crowd Company and Bunke Film, with support from The Swedish Arts Grants Committee.

Political Effect or Blank Parody?

One of Marika’s early texts from her London years has been published in the third edition of The Swedish Dance History, a choreography in the form of book, initiated in 2009 by INPEX. This third edition consists of new and old unpublished texts. The topic of the article is still a trigger point in Marika´s work, even if we don´t refer to postmodernism as often today as we did in 1999 :)

Political Effect or Blank Parody? - A discussion on postmodernism, feminism and Pina Bausch
Page 494 - 513, The Swedish Dance History, Third edition. Published December 2011, by Inpex
ISBN 978-91-979778-1-4

A PDF-version of the silver-book is available via link:

Spring 2012 – Miscellaneous

In February and March 2012 Marika gave a course in composition and improvisation for dance students at the Professional Dance Program at Schillerska, Sweden.

She has also developed scriptwriting for theatre and film, and is currently working on a script for feature film. In June she received a grant from DOCH - University of Dance and Circus in Stockholm and was invited to ENCEPA´s symposium Expanding Territories in Oslo, Norway 2−5 June 2012. There she participated in a workshop with Ant Hampton, merging scriptwriting with site specific work.

Marika has also started a choreographic challenge project together with choreographer and performance artist Annika B Lewis. After a first meeting in Århus, Denmark in January 2012, they continued working at a mini-residency at Dansbyrån Studio during Göteborg Dance and Theatre Festival in May 2012.

Tanzmesse in Düsseldorf, Germany 29 Aug – 1 Sept 2012

Marika will be there personally, and present in the Swedish Booth Fair Project Sweden. She is also presented in the catalogue MADE IN THE NORDIC COUNTRIES 2012 that will be distributed to all visitors upon registration at Tanzmesse. Will you be there? Please let us know and we could meet up!

For more info on what is going on – please check

Have a nice summer!
Best regards,

Marika Hedemyr, Choreographer

Grant from DOCH to participate in Expanding Territories in Oslo 2−5 June

Hedemyr has been invited to participate in ENCEPA´s symposium Expanding Territories in Oslo, Norway 2−5 June 2012. She has has also received a grant from DOCH (University of Dance and Circus in Stockholm) for her stay in Oslo.

Expanding Territories is an expansive european symposium which consists of four intense workshops, lectures and debates for professional performing artists who seek to research and determine their own creativity and conditions of work.

The workshops will investigate different artistic approches and processes relatedto developing new ideas and new ways of working and will be led by the following workshop leaders;
director Daniel Wetzel, Rimini Protokoll, Germany,
director Caroline McSweeney, Denmark/Ireland,
choreographer Taavet Jansen, Estonia,
writer/director Ant Hampton, England,
choreographer/director Jo Strømgren, Norge and
Niels Krøjgaard, Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies.

The symposium will take place at Oslo National Academy of the Arts.

Political Effect or Blank Parody?

One of Marikas texts from her London years have been published in the third edition of The Swedish Dance History. The topic is one that she is still concerned with in her work, even if we today don´t refer to postmodernism as often as we did in 1999...

Political Effect or Blank Parody? − A discussion on postmodernism, feminism and Pina Bausch
Page 494 - 513, The Swedish Dance History, Third edition
Published December 2011, by Inpex
ISBN 978-91-979778-1-4

About The Swedish Dance History

Swedish Dance History is a choreography in the form of book, initiated in 2009 by INPEX, the book is a claim from dance on dance and is set out to be published yearly for 20 consecutive years. Now it is time for the third edition!

The history of dance is initiated through dance, but it is writers that fasten it and its readers that secure it. The Swedish Dance History is dance’s claim on its own history, a history created and authorized by us who create dance and choreography. The Swedish Dance History is a collective effort to realize this history and ultimately to claim the right to our future.

A PDF-version of the silver-book is avalable via link from here:

Giving Seminars in Stockholm 17 Feb 2012

Marika Hedemyr is heading for Stockholm to give seminars in contextualizing and analysing dance and contemporary performance art, friday 17 February 2012.

She invited to DOCH − University of Dance and Circus to give a half-day seminar in dance analysis, for the second year students at the Bachelor Programme in Teacher Training.

She is also invited to DIS − Dans i Stockholms stad och län - to give a discussion seminar for their staff on how to talk about dance performances.