The Event Series at Archives, Art and Activism Symposium in London Sept 2015

Marika Hedemyr is invited to the Archives, Art and Activism Symposium at UCL London 3−5 September 2015, to present and share The Event Series project and her artistic methods.

Archives, Art and Activism: Exploring Critical Heritage Approaches to Global Societal Challenges

Symposium 3−5 September 2015, at University College London, in collaboration with Critical Heritage Studies at the University of Gothenburg

Organisers, editors, contributors:
Andrew Flinn, UCL; Astrid von Rosen, UGOT; Alda Terracciano, Independent artist and activist/affiliated UCL

Marika Hedemyr's presentation − THE EVENT SERIES (abstract)

This presentation/paper/intervention takes its starting point in The Event Series, an art project exploring the potential for site-specific performative art in gentrified urban city centres. It is concerned with questions of access and power-relations in the public space, exploring the relation between the geographical and architectural site and the presence/absence of bodies, actions and voices.

The Event Series aims at working with existing situations, yet providing events in which we gain a new, refreshed comprehension of our situation of being in the world together with others. Exploring the artistic practice I use, I will in this presentation outline strategies for moving between being affected and transforming that experience into action and compositions. I use a choreographic practice, which I define as an embodied labour of attentiveness, a visceral somatic listening to the affective impact of the site. It involves perceiving the site as an archive of events that are acted out as a repertoire.

Composing the works is to create interplay of the visual, verbal and haptic qualities, and to choreograph actions, situations and energies. I’m interested in the affective impact of the works, and the capacity of each bodymind to shift its affection (i.e. being affected) into action.