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now on Saturday September 22nd is the premiere of my latest Mixed Reality Walk, ENTER Mölndal – Tulebosjön. Welcome to Mölndal if you are close by!

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Experience the place through your mobile

Marika Hedemyr continues to create Mixed Reality Walks for public places and explores how new technology can be used for performative experiences. This year she creates a series of works commissioned by Museum of Mölndal (Mölndals Stadsmuseum), Sweden– ENTER Mölndal. The walks and AR-apps are part of the museum’s permanent exhibition, and available all year around free of charge.

Enter Mölndal– Kvarnbyn opened in June 2018. Via a smartphone the visitor explores the labour and living conditions of Kvarnbyn, a small town that was key in the industrial development of Sweden. Hedemyr has created an experience with several micro stories, that together tells a larger story about the sociopolitical situation and the industrial development in Kvarnbyn. The walk is web-based, site-specific, and made to be experienced at the location with a smartphone and headphones, aimed at adults and teenagers.

In September 22, 2018, ENTER Mölndal– Tulebosjön opens next to a lake at the countryside. It’s an AR-app and an immersive experience on site for families and children from 9 years. With a smartphone and headphones the visitor explores a large archaeological site of a bronze age findings, a long line of over hundred fireplaces at the ridge next to the lake.

At the premiere-day September 22, Marika Hedemyr and the team is on location by the lake at 1-3pm. Check out the Facebook-event for the premiere of ENTER Mölndal Tulebosjön.

Both walks are available free of charge at, in both Swedish and English. The walks uses new augmented reality (AR) technology for smartphones, and have been created in collaboration with the research institute RISE Interactive, creative technologist Jacob Michelsen at RISE, and a fantastic team of artists and creators.

Read articles in the Swedish press about ENTER Mölndal Tulebosjön:

App som ger inblick i livet på bronsåldern” Göteborgs-Posten Sept 19, 2018

Ny teknik gör historien vid Tulebosjön levande” Mölndals-Posten Sept 19, 2018

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Since 2017 Marika Hedemyr is enrolled as a doctoral student at The School of Arts and Communication (K3) at Malmö University. She is part of the university’s research profile called New media, Public spheres and Forms of expression (NMOG), and her supervisor professor Susan Kozel is one of the pioneers in dance and new media.

The PhD program combines expressive and analytical research, and the mixed reality walks Hedemyr creates are part of her research. Hedemyr’s current PhD project seeks to unfold the specificity and potential of the intimate space of a smartphone user in a public space. She explore how augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR), and location-aware applications in a smartphone create a hybrid space, and how this space can be used for new forms of critical cultural interaction and aesthetic expressions. Hedemyr’s area of specialism is the convergence between choreography and interaction design, with relevance to embodied interaction.


In November Marika Hedemyr will teach a three-weeks block at the Experimental Media Production course at Malmö University. The starting point is her practice of how to create Mixed Reality Walks in public spaces. Hedemyr will give both seminars and practical workshops, leading up to the students creating their own work and reflecting upon such a practice and its context.


In 2018 Marika Hedemyr is together with participatory designer Alicia Smedberg curating a program celebrating the 20 years anniversary of K3.

Since 1998 the School of Art and Communication (konst, kultur och kommunikation - K3) at Malmö University brought together culture, technology, design, media and communication in new and innovative ways. We are now celebrating by inviting the people of Malmö, collaboration partners, students and alumni to a series of open conversations this autumn.

Our first event was the K3 March with Malmö on September 7th, a collaboration with The Festival, and saw a sprawl of scholars and lecturers taking their respective work out into the city. This public event opened up a dialogue with the people in Malmö about what is currently going on at K3, and also showed what a consistently strong bond K3 and the city of Malmö has had over the years.

On November 6th, we invite you to the Swedish premiere of the documentary film Inventing Tomorrow and a talk about research and the future, in proud collaboration with Doc Lounge Malmö. It’s a film about young scientists who, with great imagination and impressive innovation, find solutions to tomorrow's major environmental problems. Free entrance, open for everyone and there will also be birthday cake! It starts at 7 pm at Babel, Malmö. Read more at Doc Lounge’s web page for the event.

I wish you all a fresh start of the autumn!
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