Premiere of new works at MOTBILDER: Let's meet in Göteborg & Guide by Numbers, 22 Aug 2014

Marika Hedemyr has been invited by ICIA − Institute for Contemporary Ideas and Art, to create a new work for the exhibition Motbilder in Göteborg. It takes place at different locations in Göteborg, Sweden 22 August−15 September 2014. The work Let's meet in Göteborg will premiere 22 August 2014. Marika has also been invited to present Guide by Numbers at the exhibition.

Let's meet in Göteborg is an audio walk at Korsvägen, Göteborg.

Guide by Numbers is a live guided tour of the new public park jammed in between the Police House, The Court and the Ullevi Arena in Göteborg.

The works will be performed 22 August−9 September 2014.

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Guide by Numbers:

Let's meet in Göteborg: