Political Effect or Blank Parody?

One of Marikas texts from her London years have been published in the third edition of The Swedish Dance History. The topic is one that she is still concerned with in her work, even if we today don´t refer to postmodernism as often as we did in 1999...

Political Effect or Blank Parody? − A discussion on postmodernism, feminism and Pina Bausch
Page 494 - 513, The Swedish Dance History, Third edition
Published December 2011, by Inpex
ISBN 978-91-979778-1-4

About The Swedish Dance History

Swedish Dance History is a choreography in the form of book, initiated in 2009 by INPEX, the book is a claim from dance on dance and is set out to be published yearly for 20 consecutive years. Now it is time for the third edition!

The history of dance is initiated through dance, but it is writers that fasten it and its readers that secure it. The Swedish Dance History is dance’s claim on its own history, a history created and authorized by us who create dance and choreography. The Swedish Dance History is a collective effort to realize this history and ultimately to claim the right to our future.

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