Pitch for the Future – presented at Kedja Reykjavik 10 Oct 2010

The one choreographer company is dead. The future is co-creating and co-producing.

In the future money will be around as long as dance can be used as an instrument for developing economies, health, creativity and so on. For pure art experiences there will be very little money. As strategy as artist – define your own limits for when to say yes or no to instrumental definitions of your art form. Either use these opportunities to earn extra money as a complement to your artistic work. Or – create your art within these discourses, frames and conditions.

The new Halleluja – “The artist as entrepreneur” – just package, brand it and market it and you will be successful, it’s all bullshit. I have during three years tried all different ways and suggestions, thanks to a project funded by the European Union. My conclusion? Only one thing works: Keep Art first, always art first. If not you may create a dysfunctional, but maybe nice looking package for your art.

So how to go about? Define your driving forces. Do your art, again and again. Articulate your art by creating performances, meet audiences and write about it in words. Take responsibility for your artistic development. If you are in structures that does not help your art, leave them. Even if they are called dance structures. Don’t wait for someone else to fix it for you.

Dance as an art form does matter.

By Marika Hedemyr, choreographer, 10 October 2010