Next Stop, Revisited − Premiere 5 May 2011, runs until 7 May at Atalante

Photographer: Anna von Brömssen

Photographer: Anna von Brömssen

Next Stop, Revisited - dance theatre choreographed by Marika Hedemyr for the graduate dance student from Angereds Yrkesdansprogram. 

A number of individuals at a train platform in Europe in the 1940:s. There is anonymity and isolation, but also solidarity in moments that we seldom take notice of. We get to know the characters, their expectations and memories while restlessly waiting for the train.

The piece was originally created 2005 for Crowd Company's ensemble, but has now been adapted to 8 female dancers, drawing on each individual dancers unique capacity.

Premiere Thursday 5 May 2011 at 19:00 at Atalante, Göteborg
Runs until 7 May 2011.

Choreographer: Marika Hedemyr
Dancers: Beatrice Tim, Elina Johansson, Ellen Johansson, Elnaz Paiamani, Frida Wiig, Johanna Rietz, Kajsa Gottfridsson, Linnea Ohlsson.
Shadows: First year dance students from Angered.
Music and sound design: Midaircondo
Costume: Karl-Wilhelm Björk, Karin Dahlström
Light design: Anton Sjöstrand, Viktor Wendin