Minutes 2.0 & Marika perform at IETM meeting 14−17 April Stockholm

IETM, an internation network for contemporary performing arts, is holding their spring plenary meeting in Stockholm 14-17 April 2011.

As part of the program "Introduction to…." , on Saturday 16 April at 11:00 - 15:00, Marika Hedemyr will present her work and show the piece Minutes 2.0 at 13.40 - 14.00.

This event is arranged by Loco Motion. Marika Hedemyr is participating in Loco Motion's Fair Project 2011, a project aiming at promoting Swedish choreographers and dance institutions to an international arena. www.loco-motion.se

Place: Dansens Hus Stora studio, Dansklotet, Wallingatan 16.
Time: 13.40 - 14.00
Dancers in Minutes 2.0: Josephine Gray and Franky Lorenzo
For program and more info on the meeting: www.ietm.org

Photo: Anna von Brömssen

Photo: Anna von Brömssen