Marika Hedemyr News, Spring 2015

Dear colleagues, friends, and followers,

Last year was busy and exciting with several new productions in Sweden and abroad. With this newsletter I would like to share the most recent news about what is going on this spring:

The Event Series

The Event Series is an art project that in gentrified and commercialized urban space explores how it is possible to create and propose performative art and artistic practice that; through the body talks about/to our society; reflects these urban environments in their complexity; invites people to critical reflexion, artistic experience and exchange of ideas; creates both deconstruction and production on location; and moves in a landscape in between criticality and poetry.

With these questions as an overarching theme I create a series of site specific works for public locations since 2014. The first site of exploration is Gothenburg Event Dirstrict − Evenemangstråket i Göteborg, Sweden. For 2015 I have been awarded a one-year working grant from the Swedish Arts Grants Committee and production support from the Gothenburg City Arts Council.

The Event Films − first development

A collaboration with film maker Maja Kekonius, part of The Event Series. During 2015 we develop pilots for a hybrid art-walk in public space merging moving images, interactivity and performativity. We explore augmented reality-technology as an app for smartphones, and explore issues of access, empathy and power dynamics in the urban public space. 

The pilot project is made possible thanks to development funding from Kulturbryggan. Production period is planned to 2016.

Performative Art in Urban City Centres

At the symposium TRANSVALUATION: Making the World Matter, 21-22 May 2015  I will present the paper/essay "Performative Art in Urban City Centres.”
The text explores, from an artist/practitioner’s perspective, the terrain in which to balance artistic autonomy and how to make a difference when creating performative art in urban city centres, using The Event Series and Let’s meet in Göteborg, a site-specific audiowalk (commissioned and co-produced by ICIA 2014) as examples.

The text is available via Transvaluation web page here.

Seminar: Choreographers and theatre directors
– Artistic collaborations

As part of the Swedish Biennial for Performing Arts I will participate and be moderator in a seminar on artistic collaborations between choreographers and theatre directors, hosted by Danscentrum. The panel: Gilda Stillbäck, choreographer, Carl-Olof Berg, choreographer, Johan Gry, actor and Carolina Frände, theatre director.
Friday 29 May 2014, 11am - 12pm , Malmö Opera, Sweden


Knowledge in Motion

The project Knowledge in Motion at Dansbyrån re-activates the living archive of 15 years of dialogues from Dansbaren, Sweden’s oldest public forum for conversations about theory, practice and artistic development in dance and choreography. Artistic directors are Marika Hedemyr (SE) and Ingrid Cogne (FR/SE/AT).   
The project will go through the archive of Dansbaren’s activities in order set previous topics and participants into motion in new directions. This will be filtered through our present time in order to create a dialogue between past, present and future, with the aim to spur further critical dialogues in and through artistic practice and theory making. Knowledge in Motion is on-going 2015, with release in December 2015.
Read more about the project here.

Artistic lab in Porto in July - 
Artists and Landscape Architects

This summer I will participate in a 10 day artistic lab with performing artists and landscape architects from Sweden, Great Britain and Portugal. It will take place in Porto, Portugal 10−20 July 2015. Organised by Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts, ESMAE in Porto, Portugal, the University of Winchester in the UK and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU)/Landscape in Uppsala and Alnarp.

I wish you a joyful spring and summer!
Marika Hedemyr, 
20 May 2015