Hedemyr awarded Research Grant

Marika Hedemyr has been awarded a Research Grant from Carina Ari Memorial Foundation, which allows her to work part time with Dansbaren and the project Knowledge in Motion during fall 2015.

Dansbaren is a public format that has been developed since 2002 by the Gothenburg artist-run platform Dansbyrån, of which Marika Hedemyr is one of the co-founders . Dansbaren focuses and insists on the articulation and circulation of knowledge in Dance, Choreography, and a larger context. 

The project Knowledge in Motion re-activates the living archive of 15 years of dialogues from Dansbaren, Sweden’s oldest public forum for conversations about theory, practice and artistic development in dance and choreography. Artistic directors are Marika Hedemyr (SE) and Ingrid Cogne (FR/SE/AT).   The project will go through the archive of Dansbaren’s activities in order set previous topics and participants into motion in new directions. This will be filtered through our present time in order to create a dialogue between past, present and future, with the aim to spur further critical dialogues in and through artistic practice and theory making.

Knowledge in motion is on-going 2015, with release of a publication in 2016. 

Read more about the project at: www.dansbyran.se