Man av Glas − Premiere Feb 28 2013 at Teater Trixter

Performs until March 24, 2013

Man av glas (Man of Glass) at Teater Trixter is a cross-over performance where music and text are equal voices. Based on Paul Auster's novel City of Glass.

Marika Hedemyr has worked as choreographer for the performance. Together with the actor and musician she has carved out the characters' unique body language and the performance’s non-verbal narrative of place and identity. 


There is a raging beautiful set, from Ger Olde Monnikhofs angled stage design with large transparent wall on one side to Mike Lloyd Music, performed by himself on trumpet and with live electronics. 
I do not know how Örner has proceeded to find that language in his voice and his body but it is masterfully done: humorous, without a shred of parody or blemish comedy.

− Kristjan Saag GT / Expressen

The moment Ingvar Örner looking up, he has our attention, and he keeps it caught thanks to a matter of interpretation with admirable tonal accuracy. Peter Stillman has a huge dark intensity but also lust for life, curiosity, despair and a self-irony that it almost makes physically painful to witness. This complex personality is portrayed by Ingvar Örner with an almost musical flair and with a frightening delicate accuracy. Moreover, he allows himself to sometimes rest in the moment, there is nothing rushed, no compulsion somewhere

− Helena Krantz Göteborgs Fria


Charlotta Lundgren, director
Ingvar Örner, actor
Mike Lloyd, music
Marika Hedemyr, choreographer
Håkan Blomdahl & Frida Franks, film

About the performance

Peter Stillman has been kept isolated from his father throughout his childhood from other people. Peter's dad want to investigate if the child can still develop their own language without outside influence, the language of God.

Now he struggles to conquer his identity, becoming a man. We meet him as he does his best to join together a coherent and meaningful story about his life. The performane asks questions about identity, authenticity and the American dream.

The music of Mike Lloyd is performed live on stage. Trumpet & electronics has a life of its own in the performance and unfolds the story together with the actor.

Performances: 1, 3, 6, 7, 8, 10, 13, 16 (kl 15:00), 16, 17, 20, 21, 22 och 24 mars. At 19.00 all days, except Sundays at 17.00.