Marika Hedemyr News, March 2016

Dear colleagues, friends, and followers,
Right now I’m preparing for a travel to San Francisco, and I would like to share the most recent news about what is going on.

The Event Series goes to San Francisco, USA

Over fifteen years ago, in 1999, I was invited to California and the Congress on Research in Dance (CORD) to receive an award for my graduate research, at the conference Dance and Politics in Pomona. Now I’m invited again to California. A new forum, a new work, but still in the context of art, politics and the public realm.
On March 29, I will present a lecture performance in The Event Series, as part of the session Critical Artscapes / Resilient Artists: Worlding the Discussion on Art and Space, at the AAG conference - Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting. A huge gathering with over 8000 participants. The topic of my performance is how to balance art, poetics and politics when creating performative art in public space in an Event City such as Gothenburg.

Pilot for a New Work Presented in January

In January 2016, a first pilot version of the new public artwork − Next to You at Korsvägen − was presented. An app for smartphones using sound, stories, films and animations revealing the Korsvägen junction in new and different ways.
In the work I explore how smartphones and Augmented Reality (AR) technology can be used to add layers to our present "here and now", and how a sense of performance can be created, without performers being present in the work. It is the latest work in The Event Series, and is developed together with the research institute Interactive Institute Swedish ICT, and co-produced by Gothenburg Dance and Theatre Festival.
Read more and see images from the pilot here:

New Web Page

Now my new web page is up:
Welcome to have a look and browse around!
It has been designed and built by Claes Petterson at Tamkin and Milena Karlsson.
I'm currently adding info on works and productions I've done over the years. Today you will find some of the most recent works there. So – more to come during the year :-)
I wish you all a nice Easter holiday!
Marika Hedemyr