Dear colleagues, friends, and followers,

now on Saturday September 22nd is the premiere of my latest Mixed Reality Walk, ENTER Mölndal – Tulebosjön. Welcome to Mölndal if you are close by!

With this newsletter I would like to share with you what's going on this autumn.



Experience the place through your mobile

Marika Hedemyr continues to create Mixed Reality Walks for public places and explores how new technology can be used for performative experiences. This year she creates a series of works commissioned by Museum of Mölndal (Mölndals Stadsmuseum), Sweden– ENTER Mölndal. The walks and AR-apps are part of the museum’s permanent exhibition, and available all year around free of charge.

Enter Mölndal– Kvarnbyn opened in June 2018. Via a smartphone the visitor explores the labour and living conditions of Kvarnbyn, a small town that was key in the industrial development of Sweden. Hedemyr has created an experience with several micro stories, that together tells a larger story about the sociopolitical situation and the industrial development in Kvarnbyn. The walk is web-based, site-specific, and made to be experienced at the location with a smartphone and headphones, aimed at adults and teenagers.

In September 22, 2018, ENTER Mölndal– Tulebosjön opens next to a lake at the countryside. It’s an AR-app and an immersive experience on site for families and children from 9 years. With a smartphone and headphones the visitor explores a large archaeological site of a bronze age findings, a long line of over hundred fireplaces at the ridge next to the lake.

At the premiere-day September 22, Marika Hedemyr and the team is on location by the lake at 1-3pm. Check out the Facebook-event for the premiere of ENTER Mölndal Tulebosjön.

Both walks are available free of charge at, in both Swedish and English. The walks uses new augmented reality (AR) technology for smartphones, and have been created in collaboration with the research institute RISE Interactive, creative technologist Jacob Michelsen at RISE, and a fantastic team of artists and creators.

Read articles in the Swedish press about ENTER Mölndal Tulebosjön:

App som ger inblick i livet på bronsåldern” Göteborgs-Posten Sept 19, 2018

Ny teknik gör historien vid Tulebosjön levande” Mölndals-Posten Sept 19, 2018

Enter via



Since 2017 Marika Hedemyr is enrolled as a doctoral student at The School of Arts and Communication (K3) at Malmö University. She is part of the university’s research profile called New media, Public spheres and Forms of expression (NMOG), and her supervisor professor Susan Kozel is one of the pioneers in dance and new media.

The PhD program combines expressive and analytical research, and the mixed reality walks Hedemyr creates are part of her research. Hedemyr’s current PhD project seeks to unfold the specificity and potential of the intimate space of a smartphone user in a public space. She explore how augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR), and location-aware applications in a smartphone create a hybrid space, and how this space can be used for new forms of critical cultural interaction and aesthetic expressions. Hedemyr’s area of specialism is the convergence between choreography and interaction design, with relevance to embodied interaction.


In November Marika Hedemyr will teach a three-weeks block at the Experimental Media Production course at Malmö University. The starting point is her practice of how to create Mixed Reality Walks in public spaces. Hedemyr will give both seminars and practical workshops, leading up to the students creating their own work and reflecting upon such a practice and its context.


In 2018 Marika Hedemyr is together with participatory designer Alicia Smedberg curating a program celebrating the 20 years anniversary of K3.

Since 1998 the School of Art and Communication (konst, kultur och kommunikation - K3) at Malmö University brought together culture, technology, design, media and communication in new and innovative ways. We are now celebrating by inviting the people of Malmö, collaboration partners, students and alumni to a series of open conversations this autumn.

Our first event was the K3 March with Malmö on September 7th, a collaboration with The Festival, and saw a sprawl of scholars and lecturers taking their respective work out into the city. This public event opened up a dialogue with the people in Malmö about what is currently going on at K3, and also showed what a consistently strong bond K3 and the city of Malmö has had over the years.

On November 6th, we invite you to the Swedish premiere of the documentary film Inventing Tomorrow and a talk about research and the future, in proud collaboration with Doc Lounge Malmö. It’s a film about young scientists who, with great imagination and impressive innovation, find solutions to tomorrow's major environmental problems. Free entrance, open for everyone and there will also be birthday cake! It starts at 7 pm at Babel, Malmö. Read more at Doc Lounge’s web page for the event.

I wish you all a fresh start of the autumn!
Best regards,

Marika Hedemyr


Dear colleagues, friends, and followers,

After three years of working on and off with the project, experimenting, trying, failing and succeding - Next to You at Korsvägen will now finally open 6 September 2017 in Göteborg!

Welcome to the premiere and the opening week, or come by any time 6 Sept -19 November. It is part of GIBCA Extended - Göteborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art.

Hope to see you!
Marika Hedemyr



Mixed Reality Walk by Marika Hedemyr
6 Sept−19 Nov 2017, Open 9 am-7 pm every day
Free admission

Together into the new world

A smartphone in your hand can open up new worlds and connections, and also create isolated bubbles and segmented societies. In Next to You at Korsvägen, Hedemyr explores this paradox through an interactive walk where your choice of direction is crucial for the course of events. The work remixes the city's visions of Göteborg as a destination with quotes from Vilhelm Moberg's novel series The Emigrants, and facts about Korsvägen. A private mixed-reality situation where the experience of the place and the passers-by is intensified.

In which direction are you heading? Get ready!

You can download the app and do the walk on your own via your smartphone and headphones, or borrow equipment when the team is on location.

Enter the walk via

Program for the opening week 6-10 September 2017

Wed 6 Sept: Opening 17:00 - 18:00
Thur 7 Sept: The team is on location 17:00 - 19:00
Fri 8 Sept: The team is on location 16:00 - 19:00
Sat 9 Sept: The team is on location 12:00 - 17:00
Sun 10 Sept: The team is on location 15:00 - 17:00
Sun 10 Sept: 12:30-14:00 Artist Talk Marika Hedemyr and Mona el Gammal, moderator Sarah Melin, at Konstepidemin

Stay tuned and check out our Facebook-event for Next to You at Korsvägen opening week.

Thank you all in the team of Next to You at Korsvägen!

Concept, script, direction, and voice: Marika Hedemyr
Creative Technologist: Jacob Michelsen (RISE Interactive Göteborg)
Film: Maja Kekonius
3D Animation: Lena Trapp
Sound: Helena Persson
Web-design and graphic elements: Claes Pettersson
Project management and public relations: Vanessa Labañino, Jörgen Wade (Possibilitas)

Produced by: Marika Hedemyr Projects
In co-production and collaboration with: Gothenburg Dance and Theatre Festival, RISE Interactive Göteborg, GIBCA Extended, Museum of World Culture, Konstepidemin, EspressoHouse, Possibilitas
With the support of: Swedish Arts Grants Committee, Region Västra Götaland, Gothenburg City, Kulturbryggan, Kultur i Väst

"I find Marika Hedemyr's site-specific practice interesting. In her work she asks us questions about the city, the place and the common space. She always brings her choreographic point of departure, and therefor she can in a compelling way make us aware of space and time, and add further dimensions to our "now". The festival is interested in this project because it challenges a place in our city; challenges us here and now. " - Sarah Melin, producer at Göteborg Dance & Theater Festival, co-producer of Next to You at Korsvägen.

Watch the English trailer for Next to You at Korsvägen

Marika Hedemyr News, August 2016

Dear colleagues, friends, and followers,
I am now in the midst of finalising my works for Gothenburg Dance and Theatre Festival in August. The site specific work Next to You, at Korsvägen and the publication Dansbaren–The Mob without Flash by Ingrid Cogne and myself.
I will also be at the internationale tanzmesse NRW in Düsseldorf Aug 31 - Sept 3 2016. Welcome to the MADEIN-THEWEB.COM Booth 86, where I am one of the exhibitors.
Hope to see you at the Gothenburg Dance and Theatre Festival, at Korsvägen or at Tanzmesse. Welcome!
Marika Hedemyr

Release of New Publication

Dansbaren–The Mob without Flash
by Ingrid Cogne and Marika Hedemyr
Published by Dansbyrån (
I am delighted to announce that the publication is now ready, and that Gothenburg Dance and Theatre Festival will host the publication release 24 August, on the first day of the festival’s Professional Program:
Dansbaren—The Mob without Flash is a printed object consisting of two parts: a book dedicated to critical thinking in the field of dance and choreography and a tablecloth of topics. It is a tool for continuing dialogues, putting dance discourse, literally, on the table.
In both a local and international context Dansbaren, a series of public talks and discussions initiated by Gothenburg artist-run platform Dansbyrån, has been uniting dance and choreography theory with practice for 15 years. This publication re-activates Dansbaren’s central topics: dialogue formats, power relations, aesthetics, self-organization, sharing knowledge, appropriating language, artistic practice, history making and feedback methods.
The co-authors/editors of Dansbaren—The Mob without Flash Ingrid Cogne and Marika Hedemyr, and the two other choreographers leading Dansbyrån Paula de Hollanda and Moa Matilda Sahlin, will be present at the release to discuss the publication in detail and invite you to participate in the activation of their object—to unfold the material for discussion together.
Stora Teatern- KRISTALLEN- Wed. 24 August at 13.30-15.30
This is a free event, no tickets/reservations necessary: all are welcome to join.
Read more about the publication at:

Work in progress 26 August

I am right now co-producing a work in progress with Gothenburg Dance and Theatre Festival. The team and I are working full on to finalize a public sharing of our work in progress at Korsvägen on Friday August 26, Gothenburg, Sweden.

Next to You, at Korsvägen is a site specific walk charged by a hybrid-app for smartphones. The app is loaded with films, audio, augmented reality and interactive elements that attract and guide forward in multiple directions, adding new layers to the site and the activities taking place next to you.
This is a private exploration of relations and co-existance in a shared public space. You make your choices of direction and thus create your own experience and sensation. There is a common starting point, but many ways out. Hold on, your orientation and choice of direction is turning the world.
WHEN: Friday August 26, 13.00 - 17.00
LOCATION: Korsvägen, Gothenburg.
Meeting spot: Outside the waiting hall next to Pressbyrån
HOW: No tickets or booking required, just pass by at any time. We provide the equipment. The walk takes 20-35 min depending on the choices you make in the work.
In Next to You, at Korsvägen I work to expand the concept choreography by exploring how choreography and dramaturgy can be created in the "eyes of the beholder", with the public space as surrounding and in this case an app as tool.
Thank you all in the team!
Script, voice, sound: Marika Hedemyr
Interaction design, AR and technical development: Jacob Michelsen
Film: Maja Kekonius
3D-animation: Lena Trapp
Produced by: Marika Hedemyr Projects
Co-produced by: Gothenburg Dance and Theatre Festival and Interactive Institute Swedish ICT,
With support from: Västra Götalandsregionen
Read more and see images/film here:
I hope to see you and wish you a fresh start of the autumn.
Marika Hedemyr


Marika Hedemyr News, March 2016

Dear colleagues, friends, and followers,
Right now I’m preparing for a travel to San Francisco, and I would like to share the most recent news about what is going on.

The Event Series goes to San Francisco, USA

Over fifteen years ago, in 1999, I was invited to California and the Congress on Research in Dance (CORD) to receive an award for my graduate research, at the conference Dance and Politics in Pomona. Now I’m invited again to California. A new forum, a new work, but still in the context of art, politics and the public realm.
On March 29, I will present a lecture performance in The Event Series, as part of the session Critical Artscapes / Resilient Artists: Worlding the Discussion on Art and Space, at the AAG conference - Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting. A huge gathering with over 8000 participants. The topic of my performance is how to balance art, poetics and politics when creating performative art in public space in an Event City such as Gothenburg.

Pilot for a New Work Presented in January

In January 2016, a first pilot version of the new public artwork − Next to You at Korsvägen − was presented. An app for smartphones using sound, stories, films and animations revealing the Korsvägen junction in new and different ways.
In the work I explore how smartphones and Augmented Reality (AR) technology can be used to add layers to our present "here and now", and how a sense of performance can be created, without performers being present in the work. It is the latest work in The Event Series, and is developed together with the research institute Interactive Institute Swedish ICT, and co-produced by Gothenburg Dance and Theatre Festival.
Read more and see images from the pilot here:

New Web Page

Now my new web page is up:
Welcome to have a look and browse around!
It has been designed and built by Claes Petterson at Tamkin and Milena Karlsson.
I'm currently adding info on works and productions I've done over the years. Today you will find some of the most recent works there. So – more to come during the year :-)
I wish you all a nice Easter holiday!
Marika Hedemyr

Hybrid Art Walk at Korsvägen − Pilot 23 January 2016 at Kulturnatta

(Swedish below)

Are you traveling to, from or through Gothenburg towards a better life?
Who is following you on the road?
Come and try a pilot version of a new artistic work − an app for smartphones − that with sound, stories, films and animations will take you through Korsvägen in a different way.

You can also become part of the work in our filming/shooting that will happen during the day.

Location: Korsvägen, Gothenburg. Meeting place in the waiting hall at Korsvägen.
Time: Saturday January 23, 2016 at 2 pm, 4 pm, 6 pm, 8 pm

By and with Marika Hedemyr, Maja Kekonius, Jacob Michelsen.
In co-production with the Gothenburg Dance and Theatre Festival.
Funding by the City of Gothenburg and Kulturbryggan
Presented as part of Gothenburg Kulturnatta 2016.

HybridApp at Korsvägen  Photo: Hedemyr

HybridApp at Korsvägen
Photo: Hedemyr

Reser du till, från eller igenom Göteborg på väg mot ett bättre liv?
Vem följer dig på vägen?
Kom och pröva en första pilot-version av ett konstnärligt verk − en app för smartphones − som med ljud, berättelser, film och animationer tar dig genom Korsvägen på ett annorlunda sätt.

Du kan också bli del av verket i vår filminspelning. 

Plats: Korsvägen Göteborg. Samlingsplats i vänthallen på Korsvägen.
Tid: Lördag 23 jan 2016, kl 14, kl 16, kl 18, kl 20

Av/med Marika Hedemyr, Maja Kekonius, Jacob Michelsen.
I samproduktion med Göteborg Dans och Teaterfestival.
Med stöd av Göteborgs Stad och Kulturbryggan.
Presenteras som del av Göteborgs Kulturnatta 2016.


The Event Series at Archives, Art and Activism Symposium in London Sept 2015

Marika Hedemyr is invited to the Archives, Art and Activism Symposium at UCL London 3−5 September 2015, to present and share The Event Series project and her artistic methods.

Archives, Art and Activism: Exploring Critical Heritage Approaches to Global Societal Challenges

Symposium 3−5 September 2015, at University College London, in collaboration with Critical Heritage Studies at the University of Gothenburg

Organisers, editors, contributors:
Andrew Flinn, UCL; Astrid von Rosen, UGOT; Alda Terracciano, Independent artist and activist/affiliated UCL

Marika Hedemyr's presentation − THE EVENT SERIES (abstract)

This presentation/paper/intervention takes its starting point in The Event Series, an art project exploring the potential for site-specific performative art in gentrified urban city centres. It is concerned with questions of access and power-relations in the public space, exploring the relation between the geographical and architectural site and the presence/absence of bodies, actions and voices.

The Event Series aims at working with existing situations, yet providing events in which we gain a new, refreshed comprehension of our situation of being in the world together with others. Exploring the artistic practice I use, I will in this presentation outline strategies for moving between being affected and transforming that experience into action and compositions. I use a choreographic practice, which I define as an embodied labour of attentiveness, a visceral somatic listening to the affective impact of the site. It involves perceiving the site as an archive of events that are acted out as a repertoire.

Composing the works is to create interplay of the visual, verbal and haptic qualities, and to choreograph actions, situations and energies. I’m interested in the affective impact of the works, and the capacity of each bodymind to shift its affection (i.e. being affected) into action.


Hedemyr awarded Research Grant

Marika Hedemyr has been awarded a Research Grant from Carina Ari Memorial Foundation, which allows her to work part time with Dansbaren and the project Knowledge in Motion during fall 2015.

Dansbaren is a public format that has been developed since 2002 by the Gothenburg artist-run platform Dansbyrån, of which Marika Hedemyr is one of the co-founders . Dansbaren focuses and insists on the articulation and circulation of knowledge in Dance, Choreography, and a larger context. 

The project Knowledge in Motion re-activates the living archive of 15 years of dialogues from Dansbaren, Sweden’s oldest public forum for conversations about theory, practice and artistic development in dance and choreography. Artistic directors are Marika Hedemyr (SE) and Ingrid Cogne (FR/SE/AT).   The project will go through the archive of Dansbaren’s activities in order set previous topics and participants into motion in new directions. This will be filtered through our present time in order to create a dialogue between past, present and future, with the aim to spur further critical dialogues in and through artistic practice and theory making.

Knowledge in motion is on-going 2015, with release of a publication in 2016. 

Read more about the project at:

Marika Hedemyr News, Spring 2015

Dear colleagues, friends, and followers,

Last year was busy and exciting with several new productions in Sweden and abroad. With this newsletter I would like to share the most recent news about what is going on this spring:

The Event Series

The Event Series is an art project that in gentrified and commercialized urban space explores how it is possible to create and propose performative art and artistic practice that; through the body talks about/to our society; reflects these urban environments in their complexity; invites people to critical reflexion, artistic experience and exchange of ideas; creates both deconstruction and production on location; and moves in a landscape in between criticality and poetry.

With these questions as an overarching theme I create a series of site specific works for public locations since 2014. The first site of exploration is Gothenburg Event Dirstrict − Evenemangstråket i Göteborg, Sweden. For 2015 I have been awarded a one-year working grant from the Swedish Arts Grants Committee and production support from the Gothenburg City Arts Council.

The Event Films − first development

A collaboration with film maker Maja Kekonius, part of The Event Series. During 2015 we develop pilots for a hybrid art-walk in public space merging moving images, interactivity and performativity. We explore augmented reality-technology as an app for smartphones, and explore issues of access, empathy and power dynamics in the urban public space. 

The pilot project is made possible thanks to development funding from Kulturbryggan. Production period is planned to 2016.

Performative Art in Urban City Centres

At the symposium TRANSVALUATION: Making the World Matter, 21-22 May 2015  I will present the paper/essay "Performative Art in Urban City Centres.”
The text explores, from an artist/practitioner’s perspective, the terrain in which to balance artistic autonomy and how to make a difference when creating performative art in urban city centres, using The Event Series and Let’s meet in Göteborg, a site-specific audiowalk (commissioned and co-produced by ICIA 2014) as examples.

The text is available via Transvaluation web page here.

Seminar: Choreographers and theatre directors
– Artistic collaborations

As part of the Swedish Biennial for Performing Arts I will participate and be moderator in a seminar on artistic collaborations between choreographers and theatre directors, hosted by Danscentrum. The panel: Gilda Stillbäck, choreographer, Carl-Olof Berg, choreographer, Johan Gry, actor and Carolina Frände, theatre director.
Friday 29 May 2014, 11am - 12pm , Malmö Opera, Sweden


Knowledge in Motion

The project Knowledge in Motion at Dansbyrån re-activates the living archive of 15 years of dialogues from Dansbaren, Sweden’s oldest public forum for conversations about theory, practice and artistic development in dance and choreography. Artistic directors are Marika Hedemyr (SE) and Ingrid Cogne (FR/SE/AT).   
The project will go through the archive of Dansbaren’s activities in order set previous topics and participants into motion in new directions. This will be filtered through our present time in order to create a dialogue between past, present and future, with the aim to spur further critical dialogues in and through artistic practice and theory making. Knowledge in Motion is on-going 2015, with release in December 2015.
Read more about the project here.

Artistic lab in Porto in July - 
Artists and Landscape Architects

This summer I will participate in a 10 day artistic lab with performing artists and landscape architects from Sweden, Great Britain and Portugal. It will take place in Porto, Portugal 10−20 July 2015. Organised by Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts, ESMAE in Porto, Portugal, the University of Winchester in the UK and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU)/Landscape in Uppsala and Alnarp.

I wish you a joyful spring and summer!
Marika Hedemyr, 
20 May 2015

Minutes 3.0 − Premiere 10 Oct 2014 in Vaasa Finland with WATT

Marika Hedemyr has been commissioned by the Finnish dance organisation WATT to create a new version of Minutes for their company. 

Photographer: Frank Unger

Photographer: Frank Unger

Minutes 3.0

Dance Theatre by Marika Hedemyr, with dancers Anniina Kinnunen och Antti Seppänen.

Premiere Friday 10 October at Vaasa Public Library, Finland

Free Admission. The performance is 12 minutes.

Minutes 3.0 will show up in workplaces, offices and public places in the Vaasa region 10 to 23 November 2014. For more info and bookings contact WATT on

Premiere of new works at MOTBILDER: Let's meet in Göteborg & Guide by Numbers, 22 Aug 2014

Marika Hedemyr has been invited by ICIA − Institute for Contemporary Ideas and Art, to create a new work for the exhibition Motbilder in Göteborg. It takes place at different locations in Göteborg, Sweden 22 August−15 September 2014. The work Let's meet in Göteborg will premiere 22 August 2014. Marika has also been invited to present Guide by Numbers at the exhibition.

Let's meet in Göteborg is an audio walk at Korsvägen, Göteborg.

Guide by Numbers is a live guided tour of the new public park jammed in between the Police House, The Court and the Ullevi Arena in Göteborg.

The works will be performed 22 August−9 September 2014.

Info, trailer and ticket reservation: 

Guide by Numbers:

Let's meet in Göteborg: