Where are you and this city going?
Welcome to a meeting with and on Korsvägen, one of Gothenburg’s largest junctions and Europe’s largest integrated meeting point, in the middle of the Gothenburg Event District. You will be travelling 80 metres up in the air, 300 metres over land, 400 years in time and 6000 kilometres over the sea. Dreams about the new world meet reality in a trip on the city development of Gothenburg, history on emigration and visions of the future.

The script uses cut-up techniques mixing quotes from contemporary texts on branding the city as the ultimate meeting place, old texts on migration when 1,3 million Swedes left for America through Göteborg in the 19th century, and texts on the conditions when the city was founded on a clay bay 400 years ago. Recorded with binaural technique.

The walk is done two persons at a time. It starts at Heaven 23 in Gothia Towers, crosses Korsvägen, and ends at the garden of Johanneberg Landeri.

Concept and idea: Marika Hedemyr
Script and voice: Marika Hedemyr
Sound editing: Kjell Caminha
Sound mix and mastering: Pär Hagström
Graphic design: Milena Karlsson
Hosts on location August-September 2014: Petra Ahlqvist, Mimi Pohlman, Matilda Lidberg, Mathilda Frykberg, LouiseAndersson.
Produced by: Marika Hedemyr Projects
Co-produced by: ICIA — Insitute for Contemporary Arts and Ideas.
Created for and presented at: Motbilder/Counterparts, an extensive art project and exhibition presented 22 August — 14 September 2014 in Göteborg, curated by Anna van der Vliet, ICIA

Premiere: August 2014, Korsvägen


Marika Hedemyrs två guidade promenader är gratis men det är ändå biljettbokning som gäller, en formalism som verkligen också genomsyrar Guide by Numbers, en av konstnären ledd rundvandring på den lilla kommunala parkplätten vid polishuset och tingsrätten ovanpå den gamla garnisonskyrkogården och koleramassgraven: en i sin saklighet smått kuslig återgivning av siffror, proportioner, omständigheter och fakta som vidgar perspektivet i tid och rum, något som även gäller den hörlursguidade promenaden från Heaven 23 i Gothia Towers.

— Mikael Olofsson, Göteborgs-Posten 1 Sept 2014