Dansbaren is a dialogue format for sharing knowledge that is now taken on tour with the publication Dansbaren — The Mob without Flash.

Dansbaren — The Mob without Flash is a printed object consisting of two parts: a book dedicated to critical thinking in the field of dance and choreography and a tablecloth of topics. It is a tool for continuing dialogues, putting dance discourse, literally, on the table.

Editors/Authors: Ingrid Cogne and Marika Hedemyr
Language: English

In both a local and international context Dansbaren, a series of public talks and discussions initiated by Gothenburg artist-run platform Dansbyrån, has been uniting dance theory with practice for 15 years. This publication re-activates Dansbaren’s central topics: dialogue formats, power relations, aesthetics, self-organization, sharing knowledge, appropriating language, artistic practice, history making and feedback methods.

With texts by: Ingrid Cogne, Marika Hedemyr, Per Herngren, Paula de Hollanda, David Karlsson, Rani Nair, Paula Tuovinen, Lis Hellström Sveningson

With contributions by: Kate Elswit, Johanna Gustavsson, Lena Hammergren, Myriam Mazzoni, Cecilia Malmström Olsson, Bodil Persson, Moa Matilda SahlinDescriptive text

Editors: Ingrid Cogne and Marika Hedemyr
Publisher: Dansbyrån

Dansbaren in Gothenburg, organised by Dansybyrån: 2002 - 2016
Release of the publication: August 2016, at Gothenburg Dance and Theatre Festival