Choreosound 09 - Documentary

12 min documentary film by Ulf Södergren 2009

Choreosound 09 (September 24th – October 1st 2009) was an artistic lab that focused on the process of composing contemporary dance and music and was designed to explore and develop the collaboration between choreographers and composers.
Five choreographers and five composers, ten dancers and ten musicians within the field of contemporary dance and music were participating. Choreosound 09 shared its experiences in a Public Demo at Pustervik on October 1st.

Choreosound 09 was a co-production between Crowd Company and the Department of Arts and Cultural Development, Västra Götalandsregionen, represented by OPEN and Danskontoret. The lab took place in connection with ISCM World New Music Days - an international festival that focused on contemporary music and sound art.

Initiator and Artistic Director was Marika Hedemyr, choreographer and artistic director of Crowd Company.