Marika Hedemyr is a Swedish artist combining choreography and philosophy in the context of public spaces. She works with bodies, ideas and our contemporary urban society and creates work for public spaces, theatre stages, art venues and film. She shares her time between freelance engagements for theatre and dance companies, art venues and own productions for Crowd Company.

Hedemyr’s work is characterized by mundane situations in a twisted reality, humour and physicality. Her artistic practice is located in the intersection of performative art, film, participatory events, text and choreographic actions. In her stage productions the musical elements are either new or rewritten works by contemporary composers. She is often engaged in international projects on artistic practice.

Hedemyr is artistic director of Crowd Company since 2000, and founder of Dansbyrån, a Swedish studio platform for choreographic development.

She has an MA in dance from Laban Centre London (1999), and an MFA in Contemporary Performative Art (2014) with Focus on Works for Public Space, from Gothenburg University - The Faculty of Fine, Applied and Performing Arts. 


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Artistic statement

My works operate in a multi - modal context of contemporary art, performance and performative art. They act locally and internationally. I work with a choreographic practice, that in my definition is an embodied labour of attentiveness. 

Embodied attention to a specific location, to specific bodies - present or absent - to materials and to the nuances of ethics. A visceral somatic listening for affective effects. From this embodied reading I create performative acts and compositions. I choreograph situations, energies and actions.

The materials I work with are places - physical locations as well as the spaces between people - bodies , voices, codes, conventions, facts, ideas, dissonance and resonance. Dialogism, the carnivalesque, feminist strategies, criticality, poetic language and humour are all ingredients in my practice and used to communicate about the not yet articulated. For me, choreographic practice and performative art in public space is the activity in which art, philosophy and politics can meet in the same action.

My work takes the forms they need. Short film, dance theatre, text, speech, a guided tour, performances, opera, prose poetry, and more.

Artistic statement for collaborations in theatre and opera: In opera and theatre plays I join the team as choreographer. At times a I work as director. My approach is to work close together with the team and ensemble to develop the characters' unique body language and the play’s non-verbal narrative of place and identity. I choreograph situations, energies and actions, and some times movements. I treat the theatre space as a shared space, crafting the resonance of the actors’ bodily actions, and it’s reverberations in the audience and in the room.

Marika Hedemyr
Gothenburg, 4 April 2014


Prices & awards

2014, 2011, 2008, 2007, 2004:  Marika has received yearly working grants from The Swedish Arts Grants Committee for her artistic work.

2013: The Swedish Theatre Critics Award “The performance of the year 2013” for the production Alexander och Påfågeln, Masthuggsteatern.

2009: Marika Hedemyr’s work Just In Time was selected for the final in the international choreography competition of Yokohama Dance Collection R in Japan.

2002: Gothenburg City Cultural Award, for “appreciated achievements for the city’s cultural life”.

2001: Västra Götaland Cultural Award, for “being an exceptional multi talented and complete dance artist who combines theory and practice in a constructive and professional manner”.

1999: The 1999 CORD Award for Graduate Research. Granted by CORD (Congress on Research in Dance), Pomona College, California, USA.




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Interviews & Articles

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